Looking for a consultant providing scientific and medical advisory service to implement an innovative e-health solution?

Thinking about the introduction of new models to optimize organization of healthcare or management of patients?

Needing an expert perspective to develop the editorial line of your information material?

Fully involved in the discussions initiated today on new models to be implemented in order to meet future healthcare needs and particularly captivated by the dynamics and opportunities offered by new technologies, I assist you with enthusiasm in various projects (as extravagant as they could be!) from the brainstorming to realization phases.

  • Scientific consulting to implement e-health solutions, to develop information materials or a strategic communication
  • Editorial consulting (analysis of needs and of the information architecture, editorial line definition …)
  • Scientific or healthcare monitoring
  • Project management with key opinion leaders


At the heart of communication and information, medical writing requires dedicated expertise.

After over 10 years experience in healthcare journalism and communication, my trained eye associated with an appropriate scientific consulting are at your disposal for your print and digital writing projects. To enhance this content with a modern, elegant and powerful graphic design, I am surrounded by talented illustrators and graphic designers. Be assured of a neat and relevant result, tailored to the audience (healthcare professionals, patients and the public) and to the selected communication channel.

Medical & Science Journalism

  • Press paper print / web
  • Congress Report
  • Portraits writing
  • Interviews …

Medical Copywriting

  • Advertorial
  • Leave pieces
  • Slideshow
  • Website content
  • Mobile app, ipad content
  • Community management…

Medical Writing

  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Poster / abstract congress …


Wanting to boost medical news, a scientific message … to train doctors on a medical or a surgical procedure … to educate patients …?

Video is today an essential tool to meet these needs.

To be viewed and effective, it should be short, simple, aesthetic.

To achieve this balance, I associate my interviewer skills acquired in science journalism to different talents such as video director, cameraman, editor, 2D/3D animator… to give birth to your ideas. We support you from scientific board stage to post-production.

Interactive video is my most recent expertise. This transmedia tool (combining potential of video, web, digital…) offers a new perspective on the content use and the possibilities are endless! You want to know more, meet me !


  • Physicians or patients interview
  • Vox pop
  • Reportage
  • Movie


  • 2D/3D movie
  • Motion design


  • Photo reporting
  • Expert portrait